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As part of the Toyota Group, Hino Financial Services also offers free online access to your account to view balances, calculate payments and generate statements that help make running your business easier. All this is securely available through Toyota Finance Online^

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^Toyota Finance Online is an online account service provided by Toyota Finance, a division of Toyota Finance Australia Limited ABN 48 002 435 181.

We Know Finance

CMI Hino offers our customers financing expertise through Hino Financial Services and CMI Hino Finance.

At CMI Hino, our finance team will develop a funding strategy that is right for you and your business.

For more information about CMI Hino finance and insurance, please contact our finance team.

Our Services

Hino Term/Hire Purchase

This represents the ideal choice if you seek to own your Hino vehicle at the end of the repayment term. Specifically, ownership of the vehicle passes to you upon your final installment payment. Benefits of this option include:

  • Interest rates are fixed for the term.
  • Depreciation allowances may be claimed.
  • Structure to preserve your business capital whilst paying off the vehicle from generated income.
  • Terms are negotiable within a range of 1 to 7 years (and 1 to 5 years on used trucks and buses).
  • Vehicle is shown as an asset on the balance sheet.

Hino Business Vehicles Loan

This is a flexible and tax effective means of financing trucks and buses for business purposes. Under this option, your business owns the vehicle and Hino Financial Services takes a mortgage over the vehicle, so it remains an asset of your business. Benefits of this option include:

  • Flexible payment structure.
  • Terms are negotiable within a range of 1 to 7 years (and 1 to 5 years on used trucks and buses).
  • No GST is payable on monthly repayments.
  • Interest rates are fixed for the term of the loan.
  • Daily interest calculations on the outstanding principal balance – means additional repayments will reduce the loan period and total interest payable.

Hino Master Facilities

A full suite of funding options including Operating Lease, Finance Lease, Term Purchase (Commercial Hire Purchase), Novated Lease and Recharge Fleet Management are all covered by one Master Fleet Facility Agreement. This agreement allows you to choose a facility (s) to best suit your specific business requirements. This particularly suits large fleets with a regular turnover in vehicles. Benefits include:

  • Convenience and simplicity- no separate applications.
  • Payments can be structured to suit your business’s needs.

*Customers should obtain professional independent advice from their accountant or financial advisor.